Sunday, November 13, 2022

I'm Back.

I can't believe I have not had the desire to write for over 3 months. I apologize to all my readers. It is not like me to go this long without writing. I literally had fallen off the world of social media, my articles and blogs. The past few months have been extremely overwhelming in dealing with life's issues. All the curves that were thrown my way, came out of no where. I had no energy to lift myself up from the funk I was put into. So, I deeply apologize to you all for not being able to do what I enjoy doing.

Sometimes in life things can either make you or break you. My writing has always been the way to make me, to heal me. It helped me in so many ways to become the person I am today. Having said that, it took me awhile to return here to my blog to begin writing again.

I may lose my mojo from time to time but what I have gone through the past few months was nothing but. I wish to share it all with you; my readers, followers and friends. However there are things I am not allowed to; legally and for my own sanity I can not. 

So, please forgive me for being estranged. I can only hope for your continued support, love and friendship. I am in the process of regaining my status on my article portals. So be on the lookout for all new articles.

Thank you for understanding and patience. Now let me get to that writing for you all... 

Till tomorrow...)0(

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