Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Book Update

As many of you know of My Books and this blog as well as the Online Magazines I write with. I have spent an excessive amount of time trying to finish my 3rd publication. I had released a tease of Chapters to lure you for what is to come awhile ago. It has taken me a long time due to certain life events that I have endured to complete this project in the timeframe I sought out.

I am currently working on numerous projects while trying to maintain my personal ones as well. I had no idea of the amount of readers, fans, followers who are waiting patiently for the remainder of this book. Therefore, I have decided to post a few more enticing chapters for you all at no cost to you. Donations are welcomed & appreciated but NOT necessary.

This is my gift to you for waiting patiently for my writings. I can only hope that you continue to enjoy all that I write and I can be a forever loved author for you all.

Please keep in mind that this book is EXPLICIT with ADULT Language please monitor your Minors. I also OWN ALL copyrights to everything I write and publish online. So to those who enjoy copying my work you will be reprimanded.

Please feel free to Subscribe, Follow & Share this UPDATE to all who have read the teaser of my book. TWISTED TEMPTATIONS & Stay tuned for post date of chapters.


Lynn..... )0(

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Are You Ready?

Have you ever asked yourself "If you're ready for all dreams you ever had to become a reality?" I know for a fact that when you're young you dream of being whatever your dreams are. You can even have different dreams or goals. The idea of them is to reach for what you want out of life. There are many people out in the world who don't believe in dreams. In fact they even ridicule your beliefs maybe because they never tried to reach theirs. 

Everyone has the right to dream, to wish, to hope for this. If you ever have a dream or a goal that you want to be an actor, a judge, a botanist, a musician or a writer 😊go for it. You never know if you will achieve it if you don't try. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do something you love to do for a living. Even when financial roadblocks may play a factor; don't give up. The timing for your dreams to come true all varies on how you truly feel about it. It won't happen overnight but when you focus and work really hard on achieving them. It will happen. It will because you're out their making it happen.

Sometimes you will come across obstacles and people who try to persuade you to let it go. When you feel like it's never going to happen or you just give up. Who have you let down? Yourself and all those who believe in you. When you have the love and support from those people; keep believing in yourself. Those people are the ones that make you because they enjoy all that you're good at. Whatever your dream is.

DO NOT allow any person, place or thing stop you from believing in yourself. Always continue doing what you love to do even if it's playing a sport. Who knows maybe you will be the next Jose Abreu (Sorry I'm a hardcore CW fan) or Mikhail Baryshnikov. The point being your dreams or your dreams be whatever you want to be. Don't ever give up on them.

When that time comes that all you ever wished and dreamed for becomes a reality. Will you be ready for it? There are many people out there that will be happy for you. However there will also be some that will be jealous & bitter that you did it. The world & society can be harsh and will definitely show you your group of hate. Always be & remain humble. If you reached your dream; you worked hard for it. Do not let others ruin your victory.

There comes a lot when you achieve your goals. This could be from being financially successful to fame. Are you ready for it? Only you will know. Do not change yourself because you have done so. You can alter your clothing, lifestyle and whatnots but never change who you are inside. This is the main reason why you became who you have; because of you. Don't ever forget that; appreciate your blessings.

So, those times when you get knocked down while reaching for your dreams, because their will be many. Remember to always stand up stronger to keep reaching for the stars. Believe in yourself TODAY, TOMORROW & ALWAYS.


Monday, June 12, 2023


Yes. I must admit I am homesick. I have been living in Las Vegas for over 4 years now and I miss so much of my city of CHICAGO. Let's just first start of by saying the Mexican food here is nothing like CHITOWN's. I can only give props to DONA MARIA TAMALES for having the BEST tamales and enchiladas I've had in 4 years. The place is so cozy and welcoming. The food is amazingly close to El Milagro tamales back in Chicago. The staff there are absolutely wonderful and friendly. They are my number one spot for Mexican food on the strip-homemade style to the T!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND when in Las Vegas.

When I finished eating my food it was so good it just made me miss home more. So, I ordered more of my favorite tortillas El Milagro from a trusted seller on Ebay. It's the only way I can get them besides from a family member sending them to me. Whenever I eat those tortillas it just makes me feel like I am back at Pacos Tacos in the old neighborhood.

I don't know if it's just me being nostalgic pero puta madre I do miss local "elote people" lol. (IYKYK) By the way. I do curse occasionally in english and spanish here. It's me always being me-REAL.

Besides the food, friends and family. I miss the rain, that cool breeze you get in fall and the crazy one day 90 degrees and the next day 55 degree weather. Pinche Chicago, que locuras. The little summer treats of MARIO'S italian ice, lemonade. OMG the lines in the summertime are worth the wait. There is no place here in Vegas that comes close to theirs. Okay, I have to stop thinking with my stomach. 

I 100% miss the music from Chicago. We ALL know, okay well most who read my blogs know. HOUSE MUSIC. I miss it so much especially if I am out having a cocktail. The music here in Las Vegas caters to HIP HOP and top 40. I love all genres of music but my favorite is Chicago House Music and of course my Tejano Music being a Tejana can't go without. I am married to a DJ and well of course I can always listen to the music. It's just different when you're at a club back home and everyone you know is jamming and dancing to the music we all love. I'm here in Vegas and don't have that. :( 

I miss the DJ's I grew up with, DJ John Hernandez , PRDTA , DLJ ,DJ Ric Florez, the ones I met throughout the years DJ HOUSE DJ RICH MALO , and of course my Tejano DJ's DJ Armando E. DJ Becky Sparkles  DJ Myra  Dam. I knew a lot of DJ's okay, okay I will stop because I will run out of space. I love and miss you all. 

I don't miss the shootings, the violence, the pinch cucarachas (aka gangbangers), the taxes on everything, the shoveling of the snow, DIBS. lol (IFYKYK). I do miss the LAKE so much. I would enjoy walking and sitting on the rocks with my journals; dreaming I would be a writer one day and I was blessed. SO never stop believing in your dreams; No matter how long it takes. :) ME

No matter what or where I was in Chicago I was always enjoying every minute. Until life happened. :(  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of Chicago. My life will never be the same. I treasure all the wonderful, painful, joyful years I had there. I may live in Las Vegas but Chicago will always be in my heart. So will my Chicago White Sox. Yes, I said it. We will always be at war with y'all North Sider Scrub Fans. 

Till Tomorrow my fans, followers, readers and haters. I'm still me. Loving You All..

Lynn... )0(

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Me, Myself, and I

I believed no could ever hurt me the way you did. You broke your promises. You tore my heart into pieces. You didn't care at all for what once was. You broke us. You broke me.

Your words haunt me in my sleep and while I am awake. You promised me the world and stole it from underneath me. I close my eyes and still hear the coldness of your heart with the words you through at me even while far apart.

Every day I cried; morning, noon, and all through the night. I couldn't sleep. I barely ate & many times was filled with hate. you lied to my face and told me I should be strong. All I could feel was how bad you did me so wrong.

It was being alone where I found the true love of my life. Me, Myself, and I. I forgot all about me. I had lost myself in loving you. I put you before me.

If you had not been selfish in sending me away. I would have never reached a point where now you beg me to stay. I no longer cry, now I easily hold my head up high & trust in Me, Myself, and I.

I had to forgive you to have peace. You no longer have power over my mind or heart. I chose to let you go and live freely. Now, here you are seeking my love desperately.

You fill my ears with tender words. You shower me with gifts of love. Yet all my mind hears, and feels is the pain it endured when you left me standing still. The love I feel for you may last never. I simply choose to love Me, Myself, and I forever....

Till next time... )0(

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Life in Las Vegas

It's been 4 years since I left my city of Chicago. I moved here to Las Vegas for many reasons. Sometimes you just have to take a path on a new journey in order to find the peace you're searching for. I did that. 

When I left Chicago I left behind my family, my friends, the food, and the Chicago style house music. I do get homesick even after four years. I try to visit when I can but not as much as I would like to. I was able to have an extended stay in Chicago last summer and while I was there I spend most of my time with my family. I ate the food I missed so much like Falco's Pizza, Paco's Tacos, and my favorite El Popular Chorizo with El Milagro tortillas. I was able to visit and get adjusted by the best Chiropractor in Brighton Park Lopez Family Chiropractic those adjustments always help my stress. Plus there is no other chiropractor here in Las Vegas that I trust with my body. :) 

My short time there I wasn't able to see many of my friends but they were aware how much I missed them. I also realized that my life was no longer in Chicago. My heart will always belong to it but I have moved onto living here. I no longer hate Las Vegas. It has grown on me. I don't think I will ever get acclimated 100% so I take it one day at a time. In the time I have lived here I haven't had much opportunity to really enjoy it. This is why:

When I first arrived here in 2019 I brought the snow with me. Go figure, Las Vegas had suffered what they considered a snowstorm (approximately 2-3 inches). A few weeks later we experienced a few earthquakes that literally scared me into hysteria. We felt our entire building shake and looking at people running towards the gardens. I had no idea that is what you're suppose to do. A couple of weeks later we had a grasshopper invasion. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen they were here for awhile. I then suffered a major health issue again and surgery occurred and was out of for awhile. Then last but not least we were plagued by Covid-19, the lockdown, quarantine and mask bullshit. Oh and all of Covid-19 sub variants for the next 2 years. I picked a hell of time to move to Las Vegas. All in all I guess everything happens for a reason. 

It's now four years later and once again I am out of commission and Covid-19 is still here. Go figure. The weather has been extremely weird for this time of year. It actually has been cold. Now me being from Chicago to say that it's cold here then you know it truly is. I have no idea what mother nature is doing but I now have to wear a sweater and socks in my own home. I must admit I get mesmerized when I stare at the sunrise and sunsets & mountain views here in Vegas. It is truly a breathtaking vision. 

So coming from a cold city to currently living in a cold phase. I wish I was back in Chicago at least I would be comforted by all the food I mentioned earlier. I was lucky enough to find a seller on Ebay to purchase the tortillas from so that box will last me a few days. I am skeptical on purchasing the chorizo online due to it not being shipped on dry ice. Anyway to make a long blog short, these past few years have only shown me that I love and miss everyone back home. No matter how far I live now you all will always be in my heart and on my mind. As the saying goes "You can take the girl out of the hood but can't take the chicagohood out of the girl." (Or something to that effect). lol

I won't be able to travel anytime soon but thanks to social media I can keep in contact with everyone. I love and miss you all. I will blog with you all again soon..

Till next time.. )0(

Book Update

As many of you know of  My Books  and this blog as well as the  Online Magazines  I write with. I have spent an excessive amount of time try...