Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Book Update

As many of you know of My Books and this blog as well as the Online Magazines I write with. I have spent an excessive amount of time trying to finish my 3rd publication. I had released a tease of Chapters to lure you for what is to come awhile ago. It has taken me a long time due to certain life events that I have endured to complete this project in the timeframe I sought out.

I am currently working on numerous projects while trying to maintain my personal ones as well. I had no idea of the amount of readers, fans, followers who are waiting patiently for the remainder of this book. Therefore, I have decided to post a few more enticing chapters for you all at no cost to you. Donations are welcomed & appreciated but NOT necessary.

This is my gift to you for waiting patiently for my writings. I can only hope that you continue to enjoy all that I write and I can be a forever loved author for you all.

Please keep in mind that this book is EXPLICIT with ADULT Language please monitor your Minors. I also OWN ALL copyrights to everything I write and publish online. So to those who enjoy copying my work you will be reprimanded.

Please feel free to Subscribe, Follow & Share this UPDATE to all who have read the teaser of my book. TWISTED TEMPTATIONS & Stay tuned for post date of chapters.


Lynn..... )0(

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Book Update

As many of you know of  My Books  and this blog as well as the  Online Magazines  I write with. I have spent an excessive amount of time try...